You could hope 2013 will be awesome, or you could MAKE IT HAPPEN!

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A new year invokes excitement about what could be. 2013 is a brand new year with new opportunities  Are you going to “hope” for a great year OR are you going to make 2013 awesome???

If you have started the year with a lovely list of new years resolutions, think about what you could do differently this year to make them stick. There might be some things on your list that have been on past lists. A wish list is not a plan. Ask yourself:

  • What exactly do I want to achieve in 2013?
  • What is my motivation, why do I want these things for myself?
  • What steps, actions or habits will help me to reach my goal/s?
  • What do I need to start doing, keep doing or stop doing?
  • What potential obstacles might get in my way and how could I overcome them?

Most people don’t take the time to think about these questions. Most people don’t consciously think about what they want out of life. You can float along and “hopefully” good things will come to you OR you can get a whole lot more proactive about it and head straight towards what you want. One of my favourite quotes sums up what I’m trying to say:

“Don’t wait for a light to appear at the end of the tunnel, stride down there and light the bloody thing yourself.” – Sara Henderson


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