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It is a team effort to get you to your fitness goals. As a PT I keep you on track and accountable and motivate, challenge and support you and provide you with programs that match your fitness goals. You also play a massive role and are responsible for your regular exercise, healthy eating and keeping yourself well.

Sometimes aches and pains can take us off track…my clients are often asking me to recommend someone they can see to help them. It is really important that you get onto any aches, pains or injuries early in order for a fast recovery and to prevent making the situation worse by “pushing through the pain”. Your discomfort could be from an old injury, your body reacting to high impact training, incorrect posture, unsupportive training shoes, hormonal or digestion issues, stress, tension or all of the above.

You know your body better than anyone, so if something doesn’t feel right, deal with it early rather than potentially having to deal with something much worse later. You are responsible for keeping yourself well and your health is the worse thing you can procrastinate. Prioritise your health and stay on track!

Below is a list of local Brisbane providers that I can personally recommend and that can be a part of our team, if required, to get you to where you want to be.

Physiotherapists –

Podiatrists –

Dietician –

Acupuncture –

  • Call April Dawson on 07 3356 6166 – located Grange (North Brisbane)

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