Goal & Life coaching

Help Me
Set direction
Plan for success 
Balance my life
Achieve goals
Love my life…

Life is a balancing act and there are constantly new things being thrown your way. To be the best you can be and live the life you want, you need to know where you are heading and why, and what is important to you. Strive can help you achieve a balance between a successful career, life and health.

What we do

  • One-on-one and partner goal and life coaching
  • Life projects with sister company the dandelion project or see Online Coach
  • Goal setting workshops (for schools, teams, community groups and corporates)
  • Time management and personal efficiency coaching and workshops
  • Youth leadership programs
  • Inspiring women initiatives
  • See goal planner for a helpful tool to get you on track

One-on-one and partner coaching is conducted in a place comfortable to you. We discuss and create a vision for your future and set goals and habits that will ensure you enjoy life now and are working towards long-term goals.

Workshops can be run to teach individuals and or teams how to effectively set goals and plan for success. Workshops involve a process being explained, an opportunity to practice, and time to work on personal or team goals. Sessions are high energy and inclusive of everyone. Laura has successfully run workshops for schools, community groups and teams, as part of leadership programs and for corporate clients. Laura leaves her groups excited and empowered to strive for their goals.


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