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Online coaching for everyday people wanting to make the most of everyday. Our online life projects with sister company the dandelion project, follow a approach designed to give you the clarity and tools to live the life you wish.

Project one: fundamentals is an 8-week life project. It’s broken up into three phases.

Phase one: WISH.PLAN
It’s all about gaining clarity of your WISHes and PLANning to make them happen. Here we will ask you big questions, provoke your thinking and provide a structured way to get from confusion to clarity.

Phase two: DO
Once you know your WISH and have set a PLAN, it’s time to DO! This is where you start seeing results. Here you get out what you put in. It’s here momentum takes over. During these weeks, you put your PLAN into action!

Phase three: WISH.PLAN.DO
During this phase we celebrate your successes and we get you ready to WISH.PLAN.DO all over again. Here we will set you new challenges, and provide you with coaching and support that will guide you well after the Dandelion Project is complete.

Online coaching options

We offer three different versions of our 8-week life project to suit your preferred style, availability and budget. Each option incorporates weekly content to provide you with tools, tips and techniques, and coaching to support you.

  • Public course – join up to 19 other people on your life project journey. We start together with a half-day workshop to get you clear on what you want and how the project will work. We then move online for 8 weeks and a Dandelion Coach will dedicate time each week to answer questions, support and encourage you and your fellow Dandelion Project participants
  • Small online group – team up with one to three other friends or family members to share this experience together. Each person receives an initial one-on-one 30-minute coaching session and then together the group receive a 45-minute weekly online coaching session
  • One-on-one coaching – you and just you will have one of our coaches guide you through the 8-week project and provide you with 30-minutes of coaching each week via either phone, Skype, Facebook or email

Is it for me?

The Dandelion Project is for everyday people looking to make the most out of every day.

It’s for anyone with a burning desire to live life more fully. For anyone needing something to change. For people who want to spend more time on the things they value most. For people wanting support to make it happen.

You don’t need to know what you want right now, we can help you gain clarity from confusion.

You don’t need to know how to make it happen. Our planning tools can help set you up for success.

And finally, we provide the support and accountability to help you get your plan off the page and into positive action.

Our coaches

Our dandelion coaches are passionate about helping people experience greater levels of fulfillment. By supporting you to understand your own personal style and preferences, tapping into your big why, helping you see possibilities and setting a plan for action, while providing the right level of support and challenge to make meaningful things happen. Following the dandelion approach, our coaches will enable you to understand what you really want, gain momentum your way and achieve measurable and sustainable results that are meaningful to you.

Our objective is to support you to:

  • Feel more fulfilled

  • Get a clear sense of purpose
  • Make meaningful progress
  • Move from lost to clear on your direction

  • Know you can achieve and be so much more

  • Take your great ideas and help you turn them into results

  • Explore your own style and how to make this work for you in an authentic way

  • Think differently and expand your thinking

  • Stay accountable and stick to your goals

About Jasmine:
I am the much less structured one and focused on achieving balance and happiness. I am a wife, fur mum, mum to be and an organisational development professional, specialising in change management and learning and development. With qualifications in business, education and leadership coaching, I provide an alternative view to goal setting, looking at how to find balance, find your big why, form supportive habits and hold you accountable to achieve your goals. Content specialties – Building emotional intelligence.
 Developing greater self awareness.
 Habit formation. 
Using techniques from positive psychology and neuroscience. Developing a growth mindset

About Laura:
I am the structured, disciplined one, who uses goal setting and planning to achieve anything I set my mind to. I am a successful business owner, loving wife and mother to the gorgeous Ollie and one on the way. With qualifications in psychology, business and fitness, I am a goal and life coach, a business coach and personal trainer, that can help you achieve a happy life, successful business and great health. I provide the structure to give you clarity and accountability for you to achieve the life you wish. Content specialties – Time management
. Goal setting and planning. 
Business coaching and strategic planning. Fitness and wellness


To register for an upcoming public course or enquire about any of our online coaching options, visit our dandelion project Facebook Page and start living the life you wish!

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