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Last night Christina Dallis, a local dietician (Shape Nutrition), presented to my Milton Bootcamp group. For the lovely ladies that wanted to be there and missed the session, or anyone interested, see the main points below.


  • Breaky – don’t skip it and once you are awake, the earlier you have it the better
  • Carbohydrates are the bodies preferred energy source and they still play a role even if your goal is to lose weight
  • Lunch – where you can make lunch your main meal of the day and include a complex cabohydrate.¬†Often when you are trying to lose weight you cut out the carbs and go for a salad but then you aren’t full for long and your energy drops in the afternoon. Add a complex carb to your salad to give you energy, stabilise your blood sugar levels and to keep you full for longer e.g. wrap, brown rice, quinoa, whole grain crackers
  • Dinner – if you are eating after 8pm, keep your meal as protein and reduce or cut out carbs as your body will store them over night
  • Watch all those little snacks. You might be having good healthy main meals and then snacking here and there which might be taking you over the line. Keep a food diary to become aware of what you are eating and when
  • Lack of sleep and stress impact hormone levels which in turn impact appetite
    and your ability to lose weight
  • Aim for a balanced way of eating as your body craves nutrients when you cut them out e.g. carbs
  • Coffee – it is recommended that you consume less than 3 cups a day and be careful of the extras – sugar, milk, creams, syrups etc
  • A piece of fruit pre-workout will help you to burn more calories and give you more energy during your session
Thanks Christina! If anyone would like further advice from Christina, visit her website and contact her directly.

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