Crossroad Ahead?

Posted by Strive on October 31, 2012  /   Posted in Goal & Life Coaching, Strive

When one door closes another opens right? I guess it depends on how you approach change and the attitude you adopt.

With redundancies and normal ongoing changes flying all over the place lots of people are finding themselves at a crossroad wondering what next.

Sometimes people feel like change has been “done” to them. At first it can be frustrating and infuriating. To get back in control the best thing you can do is dust yourself off and focus on what you can control.  This can suck or it can be an awesome opportunity…it depends how you decide to respond to it. You have choice over your attitude and what you do next.

So I ask you – What would you do if you knew you could not fail? Yep you’ve seen this great question before…well…what would you do? What would you love to do? What have you always wanted to do?

Maybe the answers to these questions are a bit scary right now or maybe they don’t seem realistic with a mortgage or other commitments that you have. If right now isn’t the right time for the big leap, could your next step still be one in the direction you would like to head? There will always be logical reasons to justify not chasing your dreams, but if not now, then when?

If you’re really not sure what to do, ask people you trust for their opinion. Then take all those awesome ideas and do what you want to do rather than what you and others think you should do. Your heart will be more in it if you chose it.

Your next step doesn’t always have to be the one that makes sense and is safe…After my travels I could have returned to my predictable well paid Government job but my heart wanted more…5 months in I have no regrets and I am loving it!!! What would you love to do? If you know what it is, rather than thinking of all the reasons why you couldn’t, ask how could you make it work? This is a much more fun approach and it might just give you an answer that changes your dream from impossible to possible…now that would be an awesome door to step through!

If you want help with goal setting and planning your next step, Contact me. I would love to help you chase your dreams! If you have any helpful tips on how you manage change, post and share on the Strive Facebook Page.

Mumsey and Miss O’Donnell, thanks for inspiring me to write this weeks blog. You are both such strong women and I believe you can achieve anything you put your mind too…and I’m not the only one!

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