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Some healthy alternatives to your naughty favourites!

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Last night after Milton bootcamp a few ladies stayed around to discuss goals with me. One thing that came up is that because we are time poor we tend to stick to our “usual” meals and don’t have time to explore better alternative options.

Here are two receipes that I would like to share. The first one is a delicious alternative to a naughty berry cheesecake. It is a frozen cake that is super tasty and can be stored in the freezer and brought out one slice at a time or when visitors come over. Thank you to my friend Jassy for sharing this beauty with me. I also sometimes just make the base ingredients up and roll them into balls and eat them as snacks. This reciepe is hard to stuff up and you can swap things around if you prefer other nuts or seeds. Raw Cashew Dreamcake

The second one is a very yummy alternative to your traditional spaghetti and meatballs. No carbs but very filling and tasty. I fed this dish to my husband and my best mate that is also a guy and initally they were searching for the pasta but they soon got over that when they started tasting the dish. We all really enjoyed this, hope you do too. Zucchini Spaghetti and Meatballs

If you have some healthy recipes to share please do on the Strive Facebook Page.



Top tips from our local dietician

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The lovely Christina Dallis, a local dietician (Shape Nutrition), spoke to the Strive Alderley Bootcamp group yesterday morning. See the main points below for a summary of what was covered:

  • What is going on with my cravings??? Instead of giving in or trying to fight your cravings, listen to them. Generally cravings are your body’s way of telling you that you are deficient in something. E.g. If you are chasing sugar than you might be having too few complex carbohydrates, and if you are craving meat you might just be low in iron
  • 2/3 of Australian women are vitamin D deficient and this impacts mood and weight loss. Ty and get some sunlight each day and if you see little sun or are concerned about your vitamin D levels check with your GP to be tested
  • How to respond to cravings – each meal include protein (like egg, chickpeas, lean meat) and complex carbohydrates (like whole grains, quinoa, brown rice) to support your body and stabilise your energy and sugar levels. Complex carbohydrates are your body’s preferred fuel source. And be prepared for these cravings by having good snack choices on hand rather than reaching for the cookie or chocolate jar! Click here to see Christina’s Facebook Page for some ideas
  • What is this new fasting diet? The Fast Diet (or 5-2 Challenge) could be useful for people that have hit a plateau and or for people that need a fat loss boost. The basic idea is that you eat normal calories for five days of the week and for two non consecutive days you eat significantly less (500 calories). The theory links with the cave men days – Click here for a video that will explain the science behind the concept
  • If you would prefer to read a quick snapshot about the Fast Diet Click here
  • What do I eat for the reduced calorie days? Use your calories wisely and eat really nutritious foods high in vitamins and minerals e.g. eat loads of vegetables. For low calorie food ideas, thank you Jo from our group for sharing the Paddington Foodie link

Thanks again Christina! If anyone would like further advice from Christina, visit her website and contact her directly –

Staying healthy and well this winter

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Take proactive action to ensure you stay healthy and well this winter.

At bootcamp on Saturday we discussed things we can do to prevent getting sick. I brought this up because a lot of my clients are working hard towards health and fitness goals, and the last thing any of us want, is for them to get sick and have to take time off from training. Some of the ideas that my group came up with include:

  • Take multivitamins and Olive Leaf Extract
  • Get the flu vaccination
  • Wash your hands regularly
  • Rug up and stay warm
  • Drink lots of water
  • Get 7-8 hours sleep
  • Exercise regularly
  • Have lots of fruit and veges

I came across a good article today that has 10 easy tips for staying healthy this winter –

Don’t wait until you are sick to start doing these things. As they say prevention is better than cure! Stay healthy and well this winter :-)

Staying on track these Holidays!

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It’s already that time of year where many of us are starting to struggle with the temptations that come along with the Christmas party season! This is what Christina Dallis, our favourite dietician, has to say –

If you consider that an extra couple of glasses of wine a day will leave you with an extra 1kg of body weight over the course of a month, it is not difficult to understand how Christmas cheer can really pile on the kilos! If we are going to prevent weight gain over the next 4-5 weeks, we need to get on top of things, so here are a few tips:

Avoid the “all or nothing” attitude to dieting –  Rather than mentally writing off the next month in terms of your food intake and exercise patterns, change your way of thinking. Enjoy good quality indulgences in controlled portions but also balance them with lighter, Summer foods such as salads, fresh fruits and seafood.

Don’t skip training! –   In fact, if you can you should be aiming to move more to compensate for the extra calories you will be consuming.

Snack before you go –  Always eat a protein-rich snack before you go to scheduled social events. This will ensure you do not arrive at any function starving, giving you more control to resist the temptations on offer.

Snack examples:

  • Protein shake +  piece of fruit
  • Low fat cheese + wholegrain crispbreads
  • Low fat yoghurt
  • Boiled egg + small handful of nuts

Set an alcohol limit –  It may be that you choose to limit alcohol to only weekends or special Christmas occasions only, either way create your own rule regarding alcohol and stick to it.

Save Christmas foods for Christmas Day! –  This means all the extra chocolates, nuts, Christmas mince pies and other Christmas foods are to be kept for Christmas Day only. Get rid of the left overs on Boxing Day.

The difference between whether you gain weight or not during this holiday period is whether you consider the holidays as an opportunity or as an excuse!

Thanks Christina! If anyone would like further advice from Christina, visit her website and contact her directly.

Weight loss principles

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Sounds simple right? Well no, not for a lot of us. Sometimes frustration sets in and positivity goes out the window and sometimes work and life gets in the way and consistency and commitment wane and sometimes, especially at this time of year, we consume heaps more and exercise if we get to it.

Whether you have lots to lose or that last 2kgs…it is a hard slog! Try as hard as you can to be realistic and surround yourself with people that are supportive of what you are trying to achieve.

Move more and think before you consume. In order to lose weight you need a deficit between energy in (calories) and energy out (energy you burn). If you aren’t sure what you are consuming, try using an app such as My Fitness Pal. It is easy to use and free and will educate you on how much you are consuming. Alot of my clients are angels Monday to Friday and then things go pear-shaped on the weekend. Sometimes a big weekend can undo all the hard work. For some 8 glasses of wine over a weekend seems like nothing, but what you might not realise is that it equates to almost the equivalent calories recommended daily for a woman trying to lose weight.  Monitor your intake as it might just explain why you aren’t getting results.

Exercise wise, find something you can commit to regularly. For some of my clients, they love the social aspect of my bootcamps and they look forward to seeing friends…I just happen to make them workout while they catch up! For one of my clients she has found that 30 minutes every day is realistic and achievable versus trying to find 3 x 1hour training times in a week. Look for options that are convenient or fun or fit into your schedule, or if you can, look for all of the above. This will help minimise coming up with great excuses to get out of it.

There are lots of quick solutions on the market but if you want to lose weight in a healthy way and keep it off then you need to take charge and make some changes. Sometimes we struggle to change alone, contact me if you would like help. Consistency is key. Consistently exercise and eat well and above all, keep at it and stay positive!

Christmas and New Years with STRIVE!

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TRY Boot Camp with STRIVE to get Back in CONTROL and Feeling and Looking AMAZING!

NEW 10-week programs STARTweek beginning 19th November but feel free to start with us before then!

          • First 5 weeks – HOT up for the holidays and get on Santa’s “been good” list
          • 2-week break – Boot Camps close down but PT available by appointment (23rd Dec to 6th Jan)
          • Last 5 weeks – START the New Year fresh and kick start your NY resolutions

For details on dates see UPCOMING EVENTS

Contact NOW to Join a Group –

  • MORNINGS – Monday, Wednesday and Friday Ladies – train 6-7am at Musgrave Park    South Brisbane
  • NIGHTS – Tuesday and Thursday Ladies – train 5:45-6:45pm at Gregory Park Milton
  • WEEKEND – Saturday Mixed Group – train 8-9am at Marchant Park Chermside (9-week program commencing 1st Dec)

Team Effort

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It is a team effort to get you to your fitness goals. As a PT I keep you on track and accountable and motivate, challenge and support you and provide you with programs that match your fitness goals. You also play a massive role and are responsible for your regular exercise, healthy eating and keeping yourself well.

Sometimes aches and pains can take us off track…my clients are often asking me to recommend someone they can see to help them. It is really important that you get onto any aches, pains or injuries early in order for a fast recovery and to prevent making the situation worse by “pushing through the pain”. Your discomfort could be from an old injury, your body reacting to high impact training, incorrect posture, unsupportive training shoes, hormonal or digestion issues, stress, tension or all of the above.

You know your body better than anyone, so if something doesn’t feel right, deal with it early rather than potentially having to deal with something much worse later. You are responsible for keeping yourself well and your health is the worse thing you can procrastinate. Prioritise your health and stay on track!

Below is a list of local Brisbane providers that I can personally recommend and that can be a part of our team, if required, to get you to where you want to be.

Physiotherapists –

Podiatrists –

Dietician –

Acupuncture –

  • Call April Dawson on 07 3356 6166 – located Grange (North Brisbane)

Dietician Tips

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Last night Christina Dallis, a local dietician (Shape Nutrition), presented to my Milton Bootcamp group. For the lovely ladies that wanted to be there and missed the session, or anyone interested, see the main points below.


  • Breaky – don’t skip it and once you are awake, the earlier you have it the better
  • Carbohydrates are the bodies preferred energy source and they still play a role even if your goal is to lose weight
  • Lunch – where you can make lunch your main meal of the day and include a complex cabohydrate. Often when you are trying to lose weight you cut out the carbs and go for a salad but then you aren’t full for long and your energy drops in the afternoon. Add a complex carb to your salad to give you energy, stabilise your blood sugar levels and to keep you full for longer e.g. wrap, brown rice, quinoa, whole grain crackers
  • Dinner – if you are eating after 8pm, keep your meal as protein and reduce or cut out carbs as your body will store them over night
  • Watch all those little snacks. You might be having good healthy main meals and then snacking here and there which might be taking you over the line. Keep a food diary to become aware of what you are eating and when
  • Lack of sleep and stress impact hormone levels which in turn impact appetite
    and your ability to lose weight
  • Aim for a balanced way of eating as your body craves nutrients when you cut them out e.g. carbs
  • Coffee – it is recommended that you consume less than 3 cups a day and be careful of the extras – sugar, milk, creams, syrups etc
  • A piece of fruit pre-workout will help you to burn more calories and give you more energy during your session
Thanks Christina! If anyone would like further advice from Christina, visit her website and contact her directly.
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