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You could hope 2013 will be awesome, or you could MAKE IT HAPPEN!

Posted by Strive on January 08, 2013  /   Posted in Goal & Life Coaching, Strive

A new year invokes excitement about what could be. 2013 is a brand new year with new opportunities  Are you going to “hope” for a great year OR are you going to make 2013 awesome???

If you have started the year with a lovely list of new years resolutions, think about what you could do differently this year to make them stick. There might be some things on your list that have been on past lists. A wish list is not a plan. Ask yourself:

  • What exactly do I want to achieve in 2013?
  • What is my motivation, why do I want these things for myself?
  • What steps, actions or habits will help me to reach my goal/s?
  • What do I need to start doing, keep doing or stop doing?
  • What potential obstacles might get in my way and how could I overcome them?

Most people don’t take the time to think about these questions. Most people don’t consciously think about what they want out of life. You can float along and “hopefully” good things will come to you OR you can get a whole lot more proactive about it and head straight towards what you want. One of my favourite quotes sums up what I’m trying to say:

“Don’t wait for a light to appear at the end of the tunnel, stride down there and light the bloody thing yourself.” – Sara Henderson



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As we say goodbye to 2012 and welcome 2013, take some time out to reflect. How was your year? Did it turn out the way you had hoped 366 days ago?

I have had one of the best years of my life!! And it didn’t happen by accident! I spent the first half of the year travelling all over Europe and Africa with my husband and the second half of the year I took the plunge and started my own business. In 2012 I achieved some major goals with a little planning, clear direction, supportive people around me and a whole lot of commitment and belief in myself.

I have a quote on my desk and it reads – “At first I hoped, then I worked, then I started to believe, then I was convinced, and then finally I could prove myself (Cadel Evans)”. I have spent the last year asking myself, “why not?” and “how can I make this work?”

So I ask you the same…for that thing you really want to do or have, why not and how could you make it happen? 2013 is a new year and a new start. Instead of producing another long list of new year’s resolutions, try approaching your top goals with what, why, when and how. What is it exactly that you want, why is it important to you, when do you want it by and how can you make it happen…then start small and set your plan to action.

I hope that 365 days from now you look back at 2013 and it was everything you hoped for…or even better! Have a fabulous year and feel free to contact me if you want some help :-)

Take ACTION towards your goals!

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I recently heard about another goal model. It was one that I hadn’t seen before and one I like and want to share.

The basic idea behind it is that we achieve every goal that we set…true right?? You might be thinking nope that isn’t true, I’ve set goals that I haven’t achieved before…well actually, every time you set a goal and you choose not to take steps towards your goal, you are re-setting your goal…clear as mud?? Well check out my diagram while I explain it a little more.

So you have a goal and there is likely to be steps that you need to take or habits you need to adopt in order to achieve that goal. Sometimes you will do those steps and sometimes you won’t. To successfully achieve the goal you need to follow the positive goal cycle – direction marked in green. Act first and then let the action impact your attitude and then how you feel. For example if your goal is to exercise for 30 minutes every day, if you jump straight out of bed at the sound of your alarm, get your exercise gear on and take action you are on the positive cycle. What usually then follows is a good attitude about what you have achieved and you feel energized and happy that you did what you said you would.

If you are on the negative cycle (direction marked in red), you might wake up to your alarm and decide you aren’t feeling the best or that if you exercise you might be late to your first meeting or your body needs a rest etc etc etc…you think up ways to justify not acting and the action you do take involves the snooze button!

Are you on the positive or negative cycle with your goals?

If you have a goal that is really important to you and that you really want, think about this cycle and as often as you can, in that moment where you need to make a choice, replace feeling with action. Action will get you to your goal a whole lot faster!!

Crossroad Ahead?

Posted by Strive on October 31, 2012  /   Posted in Goal & Life Coaching, Strive

When one door closes another opens right? I guess it depends on how you approach change and the attitude you adopt.

With redundancies and normal ongoing changes flying all over the place lots of people are finding themselves at a crossroad wondering what next.

Sometimes people feel like change has been “done” to them. At first it can be frustrating and infuriating. To get back in control the best thing you can do is dust yourself off and focus on what you can control.  This can suck or it can be an awesome opportunity…it depends how you decide to respond to it. You have choice over your attitude and what you do next.

So I ask you – What would you do if you knew you could not fail? Yep you’ve seen this great question before…well…what would you do? What would you love to do? What have you always wanted to do?

Maybe the answers to these questions are a bit scary right now or maybe they don’t seem realistic with a mortgage or other commitments that you have. If right now isn’t the right time for the big leap, could your next step still be one in the direction you would like to head? There will always be logical reasons to justify not chasing your dreams, but if not now, then when?

If you’re really not sure what to do, ask people you trust for their opinion. Then take all those awesome ideas and do what you want to do rather than what you and others think you should do. Your heart will be more in it if you chose it.

Your next step doesn’t always have to be the one that makes sense and is safe…After my travels I could have returned to my predictable well paid Government job but my heart wanted more…5 months in I have no regrets and I am loving it!!! What would you love to do? If you know what it is, rather than thinking of all the reasons why you couldn’t, ask how could you make it work? This is a much more fun approach and it might just give you an answer that changes your dream from impossible to possible…now that would be an awesome door to step through!

If you want help with goal setting and planning your next step, Contact me. I would love to help you chase your dreams! If you have any helpful tips on how you manage change, post and share on the Strive Facebook Page.

Mumsey and Miss O’Donnell, thanks for inspiring me to write this weeks blog. You are both such strong women and I believe you can achieve anything you put your mind too…and I’m not the only one!

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