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About Strive

Strive was formed in 2011 to help individuals, teams and businesses to work out what they want and to support them to success.

Laura Krebs, the owner of Strive, is a goal and life coach, a business coach and personal trainer who can help you achieve a happy life, a successful business and great health.

For larger programs, Laura teams up with hand selected colleagues that are like-minded positive people and exceptionally good at what they do.

About Laura

  • Laura Krebs

    Founder of Strive

Laura is recognised for her motivation, enthusiasm and adaptability. Laura strives for personal excellence and is passionate about empowering others to achieve their full potential.

Laura has an academic background in psychology and business and her career has been focused in the learning and development field, working at all levels within the corporate, Government and community environment.

Since 2006 Laura has been actively involved in a Rotary youth leadership 7-day residential program. In addition Laura teaches leadership and goal setting skills to primary and high school students and university students.

In 2009, Laura founded Start Small – Achieve Big, to create a goal setting tool to support and educate people in setting goals and breaking big goals into manageable and achievable steps. On Laura’s personal journey she realised how critical being healthy and well was to progressing all other aspects of her life. This inspired Laura to become a fitness professional in 2010 in order to help others to feel fit, healthy, strong, energetic and more confident.  In 2011, Laura formed Strive Life Coaching to support people to make life-changing decisions and facilitate them to take action to improve their life. Early in 2015, Laura co-founded the dandelion project, an online life coaching service, with business partner and good friend Jasmine.

As a professional facilitator, trainer and coach, Laura has outstanding communication and consulting skills and this has provided her with an ability to thoroughly understand the needs of her clients and ensure successful results. Laura provides training and coaching for children, adolescents and adults of all ages.

Laura loves helping people to achieve goals and she does this through motivating, supporting, encouraging, challenging and holding people accountable. Laura cares about her clients and gets a kick out of sharing their successes with them.


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