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Top tips from our local dietician

Posted by Strive on June 07, 2013  /   Posted in Personal Training, Strive

The lovely Christina Dallis, a local dietician (Shape Nutrition), spoke to the Strive Alderley Bootcamp group yesterday morning. See the main points below for a summary of what was covered:

  • What is going on with my cravings??? Instead of giving in or trying to fight your cravings, listen to them. Generally cravings are your body’s way of telling you that you are deficient in something. E.g. If you are chasing sugar than you might be having too few complex carbohydrates, and if you are craving meat you might just be low in iron
  • 2/3 of Australian women are vitamin D deficient and this impacts mood and weight loss. Ty and get some sunlight each day and if you see little sun or are concerned about your vitamin D levels check with your GP to be tested
  • How to respond to cravings – each meal include protein (like egg, chickpeas, lean meat) and complex carbohydrates (like whole grains, quinoa, brown rice) to support your body and stabilise your energy and sugar levels. Complex carbohydrates are your body’s preferred fuel source. And be prepared for these cravings by having good snack choices on hand rather than reaching for the cookie or chocolate jar! Click here to see Christina’s Facebook Page for some ideas
  • What is this new fasting diet? The Fast Diet (or 5-2 Challenge) could be useful for people that have hit a plateau and or for people that need a fat loss boost. The basic idea is that you eat normal calories for five days of the week and for two non consecutive days you eat significantly less (500 calories). The theory links with the cave men days – Click here for a video that will explain the science behind the concept
  • If you would prefer to read a quick snapshot about the Fast Diet Click here
  • What do I eat for the reduced calorie days? Use your calories wisely and eat really nutritious foods high in vitamins and minerals e.g. eat loads of vegetables. For low calorie food ideas, thank you Jo from our group for sharing the Paddington Foodie link

Thanks again Christina! If anyone would like further advice from Christina, visit her website and contact her directly –

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