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Take ACTION towards your goals!

Posted by Strive on December 18, 2012  /   Posted in Goal & Life Coaching, Strive

I recently heard about another goal model. It was one that I hadn’t seen before and one I like and want to share.

The basic idea behind it is that we achieve every goal that we set…true right?? You might be thinking nope that isn’t true, I’ve set goals that I haven’t achieved before…well actually, every time you set a goal and you choose not to take steps towards your goal, you are re-setting your goal…clear as mud?? Well check out my diagram while I explain it a little more.

So you have a goal and there is likely to be steps that you need to take or habits you need to adopt in order to achieve that goal. Sometimes you will do those steps and sometimes you won’t. To successfully achieve the goal you need to follow the positive goal cycle – direction marked in green. Act first and then let the action impact your attitude and then how you feel. For example if your goal is to exercise for 30 minutes every day, if you jump straight out of bed at the sound of your alarm, get your exercise gear on and take action you are on the positive cycle. What usually then follows is a good attitude about what you have achieved and you feel energized and happy that you did what you said you would.

If you are on the negative cycle (direction marked in red), you might wake up to your alarm and decide you aren’t feeling the best or that if you exercise you might be late to your first meeting or your body needs a rest etc etc etc…you think up ways to justify not acting and the action you do take involves the snooze button!

Are you on the positive or negative cycle with your goals?

If you have a goal that is really important to you and that you really want, think about this cycle and as often as you can, in that moment where you need to make a choice, replace feeling with action. Action will get you to your goal a whole lot faster!!

Staying on track these Holidays!

Posted by Strive on December 02, 2012  /   Posted in Personal Training, Strive

It’s already that time of year where many of us are starting to struggle with the temptations that come along with the Christmas party season! This is what Christina Dallis, our favourite dietician, has to say –

If you consider that an extra couple of glasses of wine a day will leave you with an extra 1kg of body weight over the course of a month, it is not difficult to understand how Christmas cheer can really pile on the kilos! If we are going to prevent weight gain over the next 4-5 weeks, we need to get on top of things, so here are a few tips:

Avoid the “all or nothing” attitude to dieting –  Rather than mentally writing off the next month in terms of your food intake and exercise patterns, change your way of thinking. Enjoy good quality indulgences in controlled portions but also balance them with lighter, Summer foods such as salads, fresh fruits and seafood.

Don’t skip training! –   In fact, if you can you should be aiming to move more to compensate for the extra calories you will be consuming.

Snack before you go –  Always eat a protein-rich snack before you go to scheduled social events. This will ensure you do not arrive at any function starving, giving you more control to resist the temptations on offer.

Snack examples:

  • Protein shake +  piece of fruit
  • Low fat cheese + wholegrain crispbreads
  • Low fat yoghurt
  • Boiled egg + small handful of nuts

Set an alcohol limit –  It may be that you choose to limit alcohol to only weekends or special Christmas occasions only, either way create your own rule regarding alcohol and stick to it.

Save Christmas foods for Christmas Day! –  This means all the extra chocolates, nuts, Christmas mince pies and other Christmas foods are to be kept for Christmas Day only. Get rid of the left overs on Boxing Day.

The difference between whether you gain weight or not during this holiday period is whether you consider the holidays as an opportunity or as an excuse!

Thanks Christina! If anyone would like further advice from Christina, visit her website and contact her directly.

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